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July 29, 2012; 6:23 PM


March 7, 2012; 11:53 PM

HELLO!!! ive no idea who im saying hi too btw HAHAAHAH !!!

HI 2012 !!! heheh seriously i got nothing to post :D Sch now is fun but stress !!! So many project to do!! Now already 2nd years in sch so fast and this year maybe will be my last year in ITE when i go to poly or i going Higher Nitec. Goal for this year is to study and get 3.8 GPA and hoilday must get a job !!!!!


What is thisssss !!!!
December 26, 2011; 3:28 PM

After studying so hard ~ okay lah not that hard :D my GPA only get 3.5 !!! And total up is also 3.5 !!! Totally sianx ~ just hope I could get my scholarship mannn~~~ that the only thing I wan and that the only thing I need ~~~ sch going to start in two weeks time so fast yet happie cause can go sch already won't be rotting at home ~~

Hello world !!
December 17, 2011; 1:51 AM

What a long time didn't blog already today here I am going to blog a short post ~~
Me and baby had been together for 7month already ~ time pass so fast ~ we already 7month already, 5 more month and we will be 1 year ~ I really wan to last with him. There's many things I wan to tell him but I just don't know how to say it out to him. His the only one I love. I don't wan to lose him <3 this blog can me my diary since no one will come and see it ~~ hi diary and bye diary..... blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

<3 mandy ~

Boring life carries on....
October 20, 2011; 9:21 AM

This few days have been going work after sch till 9pm.. And because of work have been waking up late for sch ~ boyF wan me to quit the job so I can concentrate in my studies ~ still not sure if I should quit anot..
Had some argument with boyF few days ago.. Was crying when it happen :( felt so disappointed to him... But at least now we are okay already and now we know each other even more better <3
Yesterday judo was fun !! Almost everyone went to cafe 1 to chit chat together : so call our judo bonding !! Also found out one thing very shocking !!! :D can't believe it when I heard it !!!
Got our judo shirt !! Yuppie :D it's was nice but the design is abit weird cause mr Andrew went to put a big ite logo infront of the shirt just at the chest.. Everyone was like saying if the ite logo is not there the shirt will be so nice !!!! One word : mr Andrew have no sense of fashion and design !!! :D

October 6, 2011; 3:04 PM

Heheh !!

September 30, 2011; 1:03 AM

11hrs together with baby today !!! :D <3 <3
Took many many photo together !!!
Talk talk alot :D

26/9/11  a day I never forget ~
September 28, 2011; 7:43 PM

Went to bby hse in the Morning :D once in his room I first to go is his bed :D ilovehis bed so much so comfy ~~ ilove to hug him when I wan to sleep. After that we both went to bugis for dinner and walk for awhile and went to esplanade to sit down and talk and we also took many photo together ~ now I love to punch baby and bite him 
I just love him so much <3